Personal Excellence

Why experience glamping with Kampland Resort? What makes us better, rather why will your getaway experience be better with us? Experiential camping is a whole new level of camping in which you not only visually but sensually experience every moment in its abundance. At Kampland Resort, we leave no stone unturned, literally. We celebrate rain, hailstorm, the night sky, a forest trail and the desert sun – with applause. The experience is not merely ours to offer or yours to live, we are equal participants in the realization of every traveller’s dream. At peace with the magic of the wilderness and hidden treasures of the heritage, we at Kampland Resort create a getaway for you, patch by patch, where you can choose to be insulated from urban pressures and share in the experience with another to form bonds of revelations and secrets alike. We conspire with nature to give you the best. An unparalleled 360degree experience, indulging all 5 senses and invoking maybe more, Kampland Resort offers you a getaway experience to quench your conscious thirst for adventure and your sub-conscious search for an experience of a lifetime.