Kampland Nature Resort is every traveler’s doorway to an experiential getaway, fabricated exclusively to satiate your dormant yet restless urge for that ‘something more’.Kampland Nature Resort offers you luxe’ living under the stars! We travelled far and wide to bring to you one of the most magical places unsoiled by concrete and mechanics for an experience of epic proportions.

Adventure…Thrill… Romance… Sounds like a movie promo? But then again, what’s to keep you from living life in Technicolor?

Something for everyone! We don’t discriminate. Whether you are a thrill seeker, an adventure monger, a closet pagan, a nature lark, a luxury lord, a hopeless romantic, a peace lover, an optimist, a narcissist, a wildlife admirer, a rebel, a corporate big wig, the black sheep, the family noor, a homemaker, a dreamer, a scientist, an artist, the idealist, a fish with the flow or a swimmer against the tide, Kampland Nature Resort is here to give you exactly what you want, the way you want it - seasoned with our very own dash of spice!

In your heart, you already know what you want, we just make it happen at Kampland!