So, who are we? You might ask. It all begins with a journey of self-discovery. It’s the search of a world beyond the ordinary. The craving for a higher level of experience. It’s the realization of a dream. It is life – LIVED. Founded by adventure mongers, exceptionally different yet so alike, Kampland Nature Resort caters to the glampers of the world. Who are glampers? Those that seek anluxury camping experience that’s extraordinaire. A getaway unlike another.An adventure of a lifetime. Welcome to our way of life. It is the sheer abandonment to the wondrous beauty and inherent heritage of a world so varied and beautiful that a mere mention of it can take your breath away. Kampland Nature Resort is your invitation to an experience that is a little more than just a journey!

We are passionate people committed to a vision of an experiential journey that most often than not, will make you rediscover yourself. Simply put, we are merely your co-conspirators in the grand scheme of a myriad life, mirroring your basal desires and thoughts to translate them to a real life experience.